Dumpy Tree Frogs

The Dumpy Tree Frog

The Males will call or croak and vary from brown to dark brown nuptial pads on the frogs feet. The nuptial pads may be hard to see but if you look closely you will see them.

They are mostly nocturnal while others spend a fair amount of time during the day. If your Dumpy Tree Frog is in the day commonly, there would be cause for concern about a deeper illness that may be affecting your frog. Using real peat moss in their space is advisable as is using de-chlorinated water.

Chlorine will kill your pet.

You can purchase reptile bark which suits these guys just fine. You will want a full spectrum bulb, something fluorescent it puts out UVB which is imperative for then to produce vitamins. Using a basking lamp will help with humidity and will help to ensure the happiness of your tree frog.

Temperatures in the day should range from about 75-86 degrees. At night you don’t want it to fall below 75. They need high humidity so spray terrarium with mist bottle, and also a fogger in the water supply will greatly assist in the presence of humidity.

Their home should have a lot of hot spots and cool spots. For the most part considering it’s size, the dumpy tree frog will try to regulate it’s own temperature and will require both of these environments. Maintenance is easy, so long as you remove soiled substrate and foliage/wood from terrarium.

Bacteria and small "nats" won’t form in terrarium which are both harmful to the frog. You have to remember that frogs absorb things through their skin so you don’t want to use anything abrasive when cleaning the environment.

Remember to rinse everything thoroughly and let dry before you replace back in terrarium. Other then that the frog is very hardy when terrarium is set up properly.

Whites Dumpy Tree frogs are known for their bright green, blue green and nearly turquoise coloration. They also can turn from brown many shades of green. Female’s get to 4 inches in size, while male Whites gets to be 3 inches in size. Interesting that the male is larger than the female.

These frogs are the most docile of any species of frogs. They are known to have huge flabs of skin, and get fat. Provide live insects and worms. Dumpy’s quickly learn to eat from your fingers.

Provide a good variety of prey animals. Growing frogs need a lot of calcium. You mustn’t overfeed your Dumpy tree frog as they will grow to an exponential size which can cause health problems which could kill the little guy. This may be where they derive the name. As long as you do not overfeed them, they should be fine.

They can live anywhere from 20 - 22 years. Absolutely amazing considering the size of these little creature’s.

The Dumpy Tree frog spends nearly all it’s time sleeping during the day and will be quite the predatorily eater and are quite aggressive. If given the proper environment this animal could live a very long time.

They are mixed quite easily with other similar species but will eat anything smaller than itself. Always remember to keep same sized frogs together or it’s a recipe for disaster. They are quite territorial and may fight easily over the space. Do not over crowd the Dumpy’s living space.

Dumpy’s spawn in the summer and if this is something you would like to be a part of  keep them in their own tank with four to six inches of water.  Feed them a variety of foods.  Once they spawn, remove the parents to protect the eggs.

Hope your tree frog care goes well

Andrew Williums

Tree frog enthusiast

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