"Who Else Wants the Happiest, Healthiest Tree Frog That Lives Twice as Long as the Average Pet Tree Frog?"

"Now Your Can Breed And Care For The Healthest Tree Frogs From The Comfort Of Your Own Home... Without Having Them All DIE Right In Front Of Your Eyes"

Dear Tree Frog Enthusiast:

Welcome to the Tree Frog Care Centre,

My name is Andrew Williums and I've been caring for Tree Frogs for over 10 years. In that time, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge on this exact subject. As a Tree Frog enthusiast, it is my goal to see that all pet Tree Frog are properly cared for, so I'd like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about Frogs, or signup for my 14-part Tree Frog email course below, where you'll receive one lesson per day in your email box.

In my FREE 14 Day Tree Frog Care Minicourse, You'll Learn:

Where Tree Frogs come from and why they are in Danger
The importance of setting up your vivarium to accomodate the right number of frogs and how your enclosure can effect their mood.
Warning: why handling your frog could be the reason for its death!
A detailed list of Frog diseases and how to cure them using my tree frog care guide
A step-by-step guide to maintaining perfect vivarium conditions in your tank - this is the most important part of keeping your Tree Frogs healthy and happy!
All about Tree Frog diseases - how to tell if your Tree Frog is sick, which illness he has, and how to cure him!
Your questions Finally answered about breeding tree frogs
A list of the best medications available for curing Tree Frog illnesses, and where to find them
Expert tree frog care advice from a guy who has been there.

The List Goes On!

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Happy, Healthy Tree Frogs That Brings Joy to Your Life For Years to Come!


Heres a Sneak Preview of the Tree Frog Secrets Newsletter

Day 1 – Introduction to treefrogcenter.com

Day 2  – Why tree Frogs are in danger and why they need our help through better understanding of their behaviour so we can treat and care for them

Day 3 Why handling your frog could be the reason for its death!

Day 4 – How to Pick the Right Type of vivarium for your situation.

Day 5 – Setting up your vivarium to accommodate the right number of frogs and how your enclosure can effect their mood and health

Day 6 – Fact sheet on common diseases and how to treat them

Day 7 – A list: Species of Tree Frog

Day 8 – How to breed frogs the “right” way

Day 9 – What to do if you tree frog gets sick

Day 10 – What to feed your frog and more importantly what not to feed your frog

Day 11 – Frog history and science of tree frogs

Day 12 – ???

Day 13 – ???

Day 14 – A sneak preview into my tree frog care formula "

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